The Jeep Wrangler YJ was launched in 1987 and replaced the Jeep CJ.  It was re-designed for comfort with interior and dashboard changes. The Wrangler's safety features started with a 93.4-inch wheelbase and lowered the center of gravity, and limiting ground clearance (the rear axle was 8.14.) This was important to off road readiness but it also provided a safer Jeep on the road.

The 1987 Jeep Wrangler was available in four trim levels:
  • S
  • SE
  • Sahara
  • Renegade (91 - 94 limited production)

The Rio Grande package had a Southwestern theme to the base-level S unit. The engine was carbureted until the 1990 Jeep model. The newer base engine was a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder. Soon after, the optional 4.0-liter inline six engines were available, with 14:1 ratio Saginaw Power steering. The base transmission was a 5-speed manual. A 3-speed automatic was optional. A 2-speed transfer case and automatic locking hubs were also available throughout the line of Jeep models.

The transfer Cases used in the YJ were the NP-207 prior to 1987 there after the NP-231 was made available. The Axles were comprised of a reverse cut Dana 30 front and Dana 35c in the rear. Other Options included: air conditioning, intermittent windshield wipers, full locking doors (with roll-up windows and a hardtop) and locking glove box.

Typical Jeep Wrangler YJ Statistics:

  • Price: $12,300-$22,900
  • Body Style/Seats: 2-Dr/4 (rear seat as option, rear fold and tumble seat option)
  • Carpet: Optional
  • Top: Soft Top, Opt. Hard Top
  • Engine: Pre '90 : 4cyl Opt. 4.2L,I6 Post '90: 123hp/139ft-lb 2.5-liter,I4 Opt:180hp/220ft-lb 4.0-liter,I6
  • Gas Tank: 15 gallon, Opt. 20 gallon
  • Transmission: 5M, Opt: 3A

Transmission Identification:
AX-5 - I4
BA 10/5 - I6.
BA 10/5 - 1989
AX-15 - 4.2L I6 and 4.0L.
TF-904 3 speed automatic - I4
TF-999 - I6 engines
32RH - I6 engines (Lockup version of the TF999)

Length/Width/Ht: Hardtop: 151.9/66.0/69.5 in
Soft-top: 151.9/66.0/71.9 in
Min. Ground Clearance: 8.4 in
Min. Curb Weight: 2934 lb
Max. Cargo Capacity: 53.4 cu ft
Max. Towing Rating: 2000 lb

Wheelbase: 93.4 in
Track, f/r: 57.0/57.0 in
Brakes, f/r: Disc/Drum, Opt: ABS
Tires: 205/75R15 Opt: 215/75R15, 225/75R15

Fuel Economy,
City/Hwy: 19/20 mpg

Basic Warranty,
Years/Miles: 3/36,000


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